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Charlotte Pritchard & Leon Cockrum — Minted

Charlotte Pritchard


Leon Cockrum

Charlotte Pritchard and Leon Cockrum

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

Our Love Story

In the tapestry of life, woven with threads of hope, faith, and love, our paths converged in a way only God could orchestrate.

Our story began with prayers, seeking solace and companionship, until our souls found resonance on eHarmony.

On our first date at Cocoa Dolce in Wichita, we discovered our shared passions for cooking, kayaking, and our love of music. Our bond deepened daily, blending our stories into a tapestry of love.

Leon, with his two sons and two cherished grandchildren, and Charlotte, with her two beloved daughters, found in each other not just companionship but a second chance at happiness—a chance to blend our families and hearts.

On our one-year anniversary, Leon recreated our first dates amidst falling snow and proposed, sealing our commitment in the purest settings.

Now, hand in hand, guided by faith, we embark on a new chapter as husband and wife; our love will continue to blossom in our country home in Moundridge, Kansas—a sanctuary of star-filled skies.

Thank you for being a part of our journey, witnessing the miracle of love's rekindling, and celebrating with us as we embark on this extraordinary adventure together, guided by our faith and the love of our Creator. With hearts full of love, we embrace the future with open arms, knowing that with each other, we have everything we need to navigate life's beautiful journey.

With all our love,
Leon & Charlotte